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Education and Training:-

Economic growth and social development of countries are invariably associated with large and sustained investments in education and training. Countries with the highest income are also those where people are most educated.. .

Skills and training increase productivity and incomes facilitate everybody?s participation in economic and social life..

Higher Education:-

Import goals of higher education in India should be-

?Produce a large number of technocrats so that no field of activity should suffer from lack of manpower.

?Develop higher education and human resources in order to pave way for economic development.

?Create a level of excellence in students that is directly reflected in their achievements so that there Is no more demand for them in India and abroad.

?Contribute towards rural development by developing low cost indigenous technologies for village uplifment through agriculture and other allied industries.

21?st century is knowledge society. Knowledge and educated people are resource for development. Now society depends on institution, where create knowledge and educated people. Knowledge is generated in higher education institution. That?s why higher education institution is the determining factor for existence and survival of any country.

Higher educational institutes are the holy places where our young men worship to gain knowledge, strength and power to tackle the future problems.. It is the duty of all the masters of higher education to piously fulfill the aspirations of our young graduates and develop them morally and intellectually. We must fully equip and arm the youths with updated knowledge, so that they can successfully face the growing challenges in this changing world.

In India at present only 11% of the students in eligible age group (18-23 years ) get admissions in higher education institutions. This is insignificant as compared to the corresponding figure of 100% in Canada, 80%in USA , 50% in countries belonging to the organization of Economic Cooperation and Development(OCED), and about 20-30%in some other developing countries. This shows that we have to further expand our higher education manifold.

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